Host: Brandye & Crystal, Brandon & Lorielle, Cedric, Jerrel, Natashia, & NEIM

Location: Mansion @ 1302 Harold StHouston, TX US
When: Saturday, December 20, 9:00PM

For those of you who have been to our parties before, you don’t know how we do it because this one is going to be CRAZIER than ever! We’re mixing Hollywood and Houston. How?? The party is at a sick ass MANSION this year! We will have body painted bartenders to set the tone! Yes, we said body painted bartenders! Open Bar! The hottest DJ in Houston! And it is super exclusive! This party is invitation only. If you’re getting this, you need not worry, YOU ARE INVITED. Please do not come if you are not prepared to shake that ass, get drunk off your ass, and party like it’s HALLOWEEN & NEW YEAR’s combined!!!! The address of the location will emailed to all RSVP’s 1 day prior to the party. We’re not trying to be bougie (bourgeois), we just don’t want people fucking up our shit!!!