WTF kind of BS was this?!! (SEE VIDEO BELOW)I being a fan feel totally ripped of this representation of the Alien and Predator characters!! I usually put up the trailer, but not this time! The Aliens are doing things that they have never done like turn pregnant women’s babies into Aliens. The new Alien is now just looking for pregnant women to throat rape. Who wrote this shyt?! The Predator who usually kicks ass no matter how shabby the writing was horrible. He looked the part, but he must have been in training. 1st off, the Predator is only supposed to hunt in the hottest climates. This rendition is in f***ing Colorado! 2nd, he only hunts for sport. This predator is obviously a sociopath as he kills any and everything that he sees. Someone wrote in a new blue ooze that the predator is now using to make all the carcases disappear. What I can’t figure out is how he keeps pulling out jar after jar after f***ing jar when in every scene he uses the last of it. It must be predator piss.

If I see one more alien burst through someones sternum I’m gonna scream! How many times must the crappy director get a close-up of the alien slobbering real close to his unsuspecting victim’s face?! Oh, and get this… the lazy writers even have an athletic woman risking life and limb to save a little girl… you know… like in the movie “Aliens” when Sigourney Weaver did the same damn thing!!! I won’t even get started on the hybrid Predator-alien.

Look… the movie sucked big donkey d**k, so if you’re truly a fan… don’t go see it. Instead, I will give you an awesome fan short film that was better than the worst 126 minutes of my movie life! Enjoy.

Better than the Trailer: Hell no!

Worst Part: Buying a ticket

Best Part: When it was mercifully over

Theater or DVD: I wouldn’t watch this movie with commercials

5 Star Rating: ¼ Star