I’m writing everyday about my adventures in Thailand. A 10-day adventure embarked on with 2 friends, KB & Nick, October 15th thru the 25th. I will include pictures and video as they are produced.

KB, NEIM & NickKB, NEIM & Nick

Day One: It is 9am Houston time and we arrive at the Intercontinental Airport. We board sometime before 10:30 on our way to Tokyo (layover city). This is when I realized that I might get a little bit of attention in Asia. You see, I am sporting a Mohawk 3 inches high off of my scalp. It has a braided design on the side with an afro-like Mohawk going down the middle. I haven’t even gotten to my seat when I’m asked to take a picture; a pre-cursor of things to come.

Note to anyone who hasn’t been to Asia. The flight is hella long! It took us 13 hours just to get to Tokyo. We were not permitted to leave the Airport. Our layover was only 2.5 hours anyway. The airport was very nice. It was like a mall with planes parked outside. The Sony store had all of the products that haven’t made it to market over here in the states. Anyone who knows how much I love technology knows that I was in “Hog Heaven.”