So far 2014 is poised to be an exciting year for me. I’ve locked down some steady work. There are some exciting projects I’m working on currently. Plus, I will be involved in a couple of film projects in front and behind the camera very soon. Not to mention there is a certain special Lithuanian in my life vying for the crown. I’ve also managed to nail down my first choice in apartment buildings to move into (Neartown/Montrose area). The only caveat… I cannot move until the 7th of February. That would be fine, but I had to move post haste recently which in turn has left me… homeless. Yikes!

No worries I guess because I have a place to go albeit in 30 days; but that is 30 long days away. So what I’m planning to do because moving seems to swallow up money and since this time period of homelessness has a definite expiration date is to couch surf. Maybe some days I will get a hotel or maybe even join and find some rooms for rent for a few days. Hell, I might even take a trip for a weekend or couple days somewhere. Who knows?

There are some friends that I haven’t seen or communed with in a long while and I’m certain to weed out the so-called friends that will conveniently disappear in my time of need. Anyone that knows me knows that I have opened up my home to friends for nights, days and even months at a time at no charge. I will learn soon if those past deeds will be reciprocated. Its not expected nor will I demand it but it should be interesting to say the least.

All in all I look upon this period with great optimism because I am finally moving to the middle of the city where I have longed to be for the past couple of years. Plus I’m sure I will end up having a blast with the few people’s couches I end up crashing on.

First up is my old pal Steve. I called him earlier and little unbeknownst to me he told me of this new 7,000 square foot house he moved into. The kicker… he’s been throwing crazy parties there. He was asking me for my input on a future event. We used to do some design work together in the entertainment industry a few years back. This should be interesting or maybe it will be boring. Either way, I’m off on this 30 day adventure before I settle in with my new neighbors in the Montrose area. I will attempt to keep the readers of this blog updated as time permits.

Live your life by your own rules. Do what you love and you will love yourself for it. I am pretty uncompromising in this effort. I implore you to be as well.

Till next time,


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