Daisy May’s BBQ in New York was introduced to me by my homey Hasan. He told me the beef ribs were super big and super good… I had to go see what was up being from Texas and all. So… the here are the ribs…

Before I could get into my Dino Rib I noticed a dude who tried to eat 2 of these things… The hilariousness ensued.

He aparently had the “Itis”

Itis: The drowsy sleepy feeling you get after eating a large meal. Usual meals like big Sunday dinners, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Then the dude wakes up, LMAO, and tries to fight it and finish rib 2!

Then… the Itis finally claims its victim!

Good Stuff… I survived. Here is the evidence.

All in all… Great ribs!