BALI, INDONESIA – Here I go again. This is my 3rd trip to Bali in the past three years. I can’t help it. This place is magical. It always cleanses my soul every time I return. The word Ubud actually means (medicine). Its a place of healing.

jungle-workThis time around I have come on a mission. My business is three-tiered. I am filming, designing and consulting on a couple of events. I am being a bit tight-lipped on what all is going on because that’s just the nature of the business I’m in.

What I will do however is share some of the photos, videos and possibly a story or two of what’s going on when it happens.

Its funny how I get here every time. I honestly never really know how the hell I’ll get here. Over the years I have somewhat mastered the art of working from anywhere on Earth. I either pick up jobs here and there or I  still get contacted from the states to do some design projects.

Its always a challenge to balance traveling with the discipline to sit in a coffee shop and get some work done. There’s always an adjustment period of a few days. Your mind instantly feels as though you’re on holiday but then you have to realize that if you want to keep traveling on you have to buckle down and actually get something done.

Years ago when I was working from a beach in Phuket I said I wanted to always be able to travel and work. That’s why I made certain that my livelihood will always involve traveling. To me there’s nothing like being able to explore the world we all live in. We humans have not always been afforded this opportunity. Now that it is possible to move to and fro with relative ease… why not? I have so many stories to tell my future children and grandchildren. I have even started saving some of these stories for books. I can’t put it all on my blog.

Not to mention all of the wonderful friends I have made from all around the world. Those experiences enrich you and make you a more complete person. I implore whomever is reading this to get up and go somewhere distant and have adventures of your own. As Hellen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
Bookmark this site if you want the first hand accounts of the new adventures I’m getting into. I promise you there are big things to come because they have already been done (for the most part).

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