I’m taking some time out to share some real shyt with you…

I was downtown earlier today and was in earshot of two women talking about a fellow coworker. They both worked at Papas Barbecue. What they were saying was horrific and sad. Their coworker is a type-2 diabetic and he had to have his leg amputated. One of the ladies was rotund and I am assuming that her coworker is as well.


Working at Papas can’t be to rewarding monetarily speaking. I’m willing to bet that one of the perks for working there is free food. I can imagine an endless trough of barbecue ribs, chicken and brisket bathed in high fructose corn syrup laced barbecue sauce. Pecan pies, pound cake, mashed potatoes and the sort at the ready. If I were making minimum wage and needed to cut costs I would of course partake in the free lunches and dinners so that I could apply my meager finances elsewhere. This was most likely his undoing.

I hear folks that eat unhealthy say that eating healthy can be expensive. I can attest to it not being the case. It may take more time to prepare your meals, but eating healthier is definitely within the realm of possibilities no matter how much money you earn. It may be the case that this individual was uneducated, but I can only imagine that whatever doctor he was seeing instructed him to improve his diet. Type-2 diabetes is not only a preventable disease but it is a reversible one.

As my initial reaction of lament was sinking in to the pit of my heart I began to think. How in the hell was he able to pay for his operation? How was he able to pay for all of his medications up to this point and thus forth? The answer didn’t elude me because I know that through our taxes we pay for that. We pay for a lot of preventable illnesses and treatments that are wholly preventable. Our government (mainly Republicans) seek to balance the nations budget by cutting things like education. When in fact if we educated our children, and in this case adults, about why it is important to maintain proper nutrition then we would have a hell of a lot fewer cases of preventable illnesses that our taxes pay for.

Roughly 75% of the healthcare budget is spent dealing with preventable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. That’s over 1.5 trillion dollars a year! Can you imagine what we as a nation could do with 1.5 trillion dollars a year?

So what can we do about it? I live in one of the fattest cities on this planet. So I’m sure that most of the folks reading this know a few obese/fat people or are one themselves. I challenge you and myself to help educate people on how that their health not only affects them but everyone in our society. How if we all collectively improve our health we can start becoming a better nation for it. We will have more money to fix our infrastructure, educate people to a higher standard, become more innovative through arts and technology, etc.

This is an easy free way of improving our nation and our society and all it takes is the will to do so. In the coming days I will use whatever reach I have to start a small movement that I hope will carry on. Like it or not we are all in this together. Hopefully this will spur other movements to improve the health of our nation.