I can sum this movie up in 2 words: Short, Sweet. It was entertaining, but for some reason I felt either the studio or the director were afraid to push the limits. This movie could have done so much more. The studio I think wasn’t sure what the box office was going to look like. A movie like this should be let to push the envelope. The concept was cool, alas there was only 90 minutes worth of fun to be had. I have been noticing a disturbing trend going on in Hollywood cutting movies short due to the audience’s short attention spans. Artistic integrity shouldn’t be compromised for profit.

Hayden Christensen seems as though he wants to get to Orlando Bloom status. His performance was good, but he got upstaged by his co-star Jamie Bell. Now this guy is showing some talent. I’m looking forward to seeing some more of his work.

The veteran Sam Jacksonreunites with his fellow Star Wars Jedi and delivers his usual Sam Jackson performance minus the profanity. Sam Jack is the king of wigs as he relentlessly chases Hayden throughout the world. When does he find time to edge that white-hair doo up? Diane Lane, whom I will forever adore for her performance in “Unfaithful“, gives pretty much a cameo appearance setting up a potential sequel.

All in all the movie was a fun ride that could have used a little more story. We will probably get more in the sequel.

Better than the Trailer: A little better

Worst Part: Length (90min)

Best Part: Special Effects and Car scene

Theater or DVD: Theater

5 Star Rating: 3½ Stars