I want to do something different for my birthday (May 3rd) so I decided to have a Kick-A-Cue (Kickball + Barbecue). I came up with the idea one night while Tweeting @KPisfabuleux when she was talking about Kickball. I remembered how fun it was to play kickball way back in elementary school. So here’s an ode to the 80’s! This event is totally free and we encourage you to bring your pets children or whomever, although there will be drinking on the premises so…


We will have the melodic sounds of DJ Relentless & the barbecue will be provided by Chef Jeff (little black box company).


If you are interested in playing, please email me ASAP @  info@muzzlewump.com There will be 2 teams of 10 people each.



T.C. JESTER (4201 W. T.C. Jester)

Can be reached by going out North Loop West  (610) turn right on W. T.C. Jester to the park.

follow @Muzzlewump on Twitter for an update.

If you are interested in sponsorship or vending please contact NEIM @  info@muzzlewump.com

Last but not least… I bet you didn’t know Me and Brook knew each other as kids, lol: