HOUSTON, TX – I recently got to visit and sit down with none other than the positive, enthusiastic and enigmatic Terry “the Trainer” Williams at his new training facility The League located on 2905 Rusk St. I’ve know Terry for a few years and was honored to have the opportunity to help spread the word by designing promotional material for his gym. I wanted to take it a step further because I know whatever he is doing there is assuredly a great thing.

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I’ve seen him go from trainer and instructor at various gyms to now owning his own facility on the East side of Downtown. I’ve taken a couple of his classes so I know that the dude is on his stuff. I could immediately tell that he and his wife Ashley put their heart and soul in the construction of this gym. The decor and constant reminders written all over the gym walls inspiring fitness and perseverance exemplify what Terry the Trainer is bringing to Houston.

I encourage all who read this and live in Houston to go check it out one time. He’s running a special promotion to receive one class FREE when you bring this flyer.

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He also has a digital cook book “Clean Creole Cookin” that he has authored to make healthy eating taste great with a few Cajun inspired recipes.