2ND WARD, HOUSTON, TX – Every other Tuesday there is a night bicycle ride organized by Cutthroat that takes riders through parts of central Houston. Its fun, its exhilarating and it requires a bit of stamina. These treks are usually around 4 hours long.

Starting at 8pm from Voodoo Queen we ride through parts relatively unknown by most of the Houston population. A very scenic rout that takes us through downtown and on to Rice University.

We stopped at Rice for a well deserved refresher of $2 beer. Can’t beat those college prices. The camaraderie experienced at the bars and during the ride is what makes this a fun an interesting Tuesday night activity.

We get to see the city at night without having to hurry by on the streets or take any freeways. We get to take it all in. The pavement, the trees, the houses and street-walkers alike all seem to have there own charm as we pass by them around 10mph. Even better, Ashley is gleaming with positive vibes as she yells out to strangers, “Happy Tuesday!”

That positive energy was welcomed as it seemed each one of us had one mishap after another. Mandy needed air. Another girl had a flat tire, but luckily a guy who lost his bicycle group saw us and had an extra inner-tube. What were the chances that he’d find someone to ride with and we would be able to take care of a flat using the tube that he had?

I even faltered as my foot pedal just slipped off into the street. Leaving me to pedal a peg. One guy fell into this huge pothole and scraped his knee which prompted us to yell out, “These holes ain’t loyal!” for any other upcoming obstruction. Ashley slip-n-slid right into the grass and someone else took a tumble. All in all we never lost our enthusiasm and everyone just kept going and made the most of it.

About half an hour before midnight we (Jon, Ash & I) decided to break off and catch the train back. We actually caught it right on time. So much on time that we didn’t have a chance to pay. As I joked that the train lady knew we didn’t pay and laughed at our good fortune, 5 or 6 cops entered the train on the next stop. We all looked at each other and thought, “Damn, we’re about to get a ticket.” Casually, I pulled out the train tickets we bought on our initial ride. Hoping the cops were just going to show presence and really not look we started to raise our hands to show our tickets. Just as I figured, the cop wasn’t trying to read each and every ticket. We got lucky.

A pretty adventuresome night I might say. Especially for a Tuesday. These pictures only tell a small part of the story. Its hard to get good pictures when you’re pedaling.

Tuesday doesn’t have to always be a nothing going on day. Have fun. Be active.


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