What the crap is a Twetch? The question of the ages… “What is Twetches?” In short Twetches stands for “Twitter Sketches.” is a community based site that showcases the funny, weird, strange and just plain odd Tweets you find...

New York, New York

“Start spreadin’ the news…” I thought I’d share my 1st New York trip with the world… enjoy! Day 1: The Arrival August 13th, 2008. I haven’t slept purposely so that I can sleep on the plane. It helps me reduce the anxiety of...

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (Review)

[MEDIA=30] Somewhere along the line someone in Hollywood sold this script by saying that all you need to make a successful comedy is a collection of funny comics. They were wrong. Roscoe Jenkins isn’t bad, but a movie starring Martin Lawrence, Cedric the...

First Sunday

[MEDIA=41] I have been unable to go to the movies this week. Help me out and write your own review with oout giving it away. Thanks. You can rank it too. [poll=2]
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