KB, NEIM & Nick
Day Four: I am rudely awakened by my comrades down the hall telling me that we are leaving for Kosami very soon by way of train. I’m workin on like 3-4 hours sleep from the previous 2 days combined. After about an hour of prep time we leave out and grab some Subway from around the corner. I vow that this is the last “American food” that I’m eating while in Asia.

KB, NEIM & Nick

We crammed ourselves into this tiny cab to get to the train station. The traffic is horrible, but what’s worse is the style of driving. I must say that these must be the best motorbike drivers in the world. They were cutting in and out of traffic like nobody’s business. One guy went right through two cars with no more than a foot of space on each side at about 40-45mph.

We got to see downtown Bangkok, which was nice. There were a few temples that looked amazing. The cab ride took us through some interesting looking streets. It was about 45 minutes to the train station. This place was crowded. There were so many people waiting for the train.

We tried to get a ticket and found out that the train was booked. I was relieved because the trip was going to take 16 hours and the name of the train was “Death Rail!” Seriously… the name was Death Rail. Hell no. The people were very helpful in accommodating us with new plans. We decided to go to Phuket by plane.

We had a good time at the train station because the people were so friendly. They asked to take a picture with me and my crazy do and nicked named me “Tiger.” Well at least 2 of us were having a good time. Nick looked as though he had the flu. He was sweatin all over the place and his forehead was cold. We let him sit outside the office inside the train station so he could try and maintain. Poor guy.

After we booked our flight and hotel (5 days in Phuket) we had to wait around 20 minutes or so for the ticket. At this time I decided to go exploring the grounds to rustle up some grub. I found some weird waffle treats, mangos, pineapples, watermelon, & some meat on a stick. Everything was good except for the meat on the stick. That shyt tasted like meat foam. The lady told me it was chicken. Chicken must mean “Shit Stick” in Thai. I have video.

Once we got our tickets, we met one of the funniest characters outside for a taxi ride to the airport. This guy was nice, but he was very funny looking. He spoke very little English, but he very much enjoyed us. I can’t remember what we were talking about at one point, but we were laughing hard and so was he. We started laughing harder because he was laughing and didn’t know what the hell we were laughing at. So then we are all just laughing because it felt good.

There was this other weird fruit that looked like light green blueberries (if that makes any sense). I tasted one of them and it had this crazy sour taste. I tried to say that it was good so that KB & Nick could share in the nasty taste. Nick, being wise, showed the fruit to the cabby and gestured to him as to ask him was the fruit good. The cabby was a late 30’s early 40’s darker skinned Thai dude that hasn’t been to the dentist since he was 6, but had this genuine friendly demeanor. He looked at nick and gave the nastiest face possible giving him the “ugh” sound. He busted me and we all laughed.

Moments late Nick dropped a silent bomb on us. I thought the smell was coming from outside, but nicked laid claim to the fame. Now I see why he was feeling sick earlier. Whatever demons were trapped in his stomach were rudely making their way out of his ass! Nick, KB & I quickly lowered the windows. Little did we know, the cabby was suffering the most, because Nick was sitting in the front next to him. He obviously didn’t want to offend us by reacting to the funk, but as soon as we let the windows down he did the same; and he let out this gasping for fresh air sound as though he had been holding his breath. We were crying laughing and so was he. He was saying something in Thai to the effect of that was some stinky shit and we had a great time all the way to the airport.

Once there, we had to wait almost 2 hours for our plane. The wait for the plane was longer than the actual flight to Phuket. Phuket is a small island off the southwest coast of Thailand. Thailand is a peninsula. It is also an island that was affected by the tsunamis. We got there around 7:30pm and it was raining. Before we landed I witnessed the most beautiful sunset above a bed of clouds. It was absolutely breath taking seeing the sunset in the sky in the land of the rising sun.

On the ground we got into this van with about 7 other passengers to make the hour long drive to our Karon Beach. It was a little further down from the more popular Patapong Beach. We chose it because the hotel was nicer. It was raining. This is when I really started to realize that there were really no rules on the road. They drive on the left side here, but really it was like where ever you wanted to. It sounds chaotic, but they make it work. I haven’t yet seen anyone getting pulled over for a ticket, harassed by cops, or any authorities (outside the airport and train station) what so ever. I bet you know one is spending time in jail for stupid traffic warrants and such. We always tout on how free of a country America is, but I tell you these people do whatever the hell they want but are respectful about it.

One chick got sick on our way to the beach and had to throw up. I just had to throw that in.

Once at the hotel, exhausted, we decided to go and find some food. We walked around the corner and found a nice little restaurant called Ging’s Restaurant. The owner was this boisterous Thai lady that knew how to accommodate guests. She was a diva and that’s for sure. The atmosphere was very comfortable. She brought us free frozen drinks and gave us a 30% discount on the food just because she was that cool! If we weren’t so tired we would have stayed longer. I could tell if I lived here, I would be there all the time. I had an omelet over rice with some sort of chicken and cashew combination with vegetables. Before that we had a free offering of the salad trey. I grabbed some pasta, corn coleslaw, and a delectable potato salad. All the food here was very good. The service was even better. They entertained us with conversation and they were even playing games at some tables. I mean, this place was chill.

We finished our meal and headed back to the room. I must have been tired, because I went right to sleep at around 11; and so did everyone else.