Day Nine: Damn, its been so long I had to read my last entry! Lets see, where did I leave off… Oh yeah… the Party in Patong. After a long[hidepost]eventful night it became morning very quickly. It was check out time at the Karon Princess Hotel. We were all very sad to leave. The people were so very nice and you can’t beat staying on the beach!

We were all scattered about on this morning trying to get things done. There was an issue I was tending to, Nick was scarfing down omelets & KB was getting last minute fittings from Harry. After Breakfast, which I missed, Nick came up with a surprise visitor… Bi. I was happy to see her to say the least. We all talked for a while and then KB showed up. We continued chatting until ol boy Harry came by on a motor bike with KB’s suit and a elephant silk tie for me. Harry’s a cool dude. We got his email address as he left. Bi & Marlon stayed around until we parted ways. We exchanged info and all had hugs. I added a kiss on the cheek >:-)

Once down at the hotel lobby Kwan, all smiles, wished us luck and gave us her email address. At this point I was feeling a little bit weird. I honestly didn’t want to leave. If I were a woman I would have cried. I sucked up my punk tears though and handled it like a man. Our van arrived. We were jammed packed as usual. Nick bought so much stuff he had to buy an extra large suit case just to carry it all. This guy had watches, Nike Shocks, shorts, icy-hot nose sniffs, t-shirts, Gatorade, a suit, Gucci purses… you get the point.

I finally figured out what had been making Nick sick all those times. Every-time we get into a cab or Tuk-Tuk that we have to cram into, Nick gets sick. This time it was the worst. This must have lost 5 pounds he sweated so much. I thought he was going to vomit! Our van driver was older than the island cuttin people off the road like he was a blind swordsman. We picked up a couple of people in the most random of spots. I even got to catch a glimpse of Yo-Yo as she was coming her hair with a blue robe in her balcony…. wait… I haven’t told you about Yo-Yo have I? I’ll save for a future post. Its a good one that will for sure be on the select users list 😉 I can’t put ALL my biz out there on the streets playa!

Meanwhile… back in the van Nick was contemplating who would get his Nike’s if he keeled over. He looked like a giant slug just sat on his face and took a shit. I was seriously gettin worried. I told him to take some of those tranq pills he got from the local cashier/doctor, but Nick ignored me. When we made it to the airport, my dawg was much better. He gave that trade mark “Nick da Quick” smile and we were off.

After paying extra baht to check our over weight bags (typical Americans we are), we realized that our flight wasn’t leaving for another hour and a half! Damn. I had to take a shit! Oh well, I hoped these toilets were as good as the ones in Bangkok. Yeah right. Mind you… we are on an island in a poor part of the country. The stalls were ever so small. I guess they were made for Thai people. It made it bad because it was like everyone was shitting on each other in there. I took a couple of steps and decided to hold it. That bathroom smelled like they let their elephants share it. I found, by chance a secluded spot to drop the kids off at the pool.

The flight back was short. The coated nuts tasted like some spicy KIX cereal. Ah… Bangkok! We’re back baby! We told the cab driver to head to our old hotel and step on it. Once there we got some grub in the night markets in the streets of Bangkok. Soi 9, 10, 11 (streets) it didn’t matter. We were back baby! But extremely tired. After no debating at all, we just all went to our subsequent rooms and crashed. I know, I know… we suck for that. Mind you though… speaking for myself… I hadn’t gotten one iota of sleep in 2 days. Had to recharge my batteries. So this story is limited to the excitement of Sick Nick & me being full of shit(literally)

Stay tuned: Next Episode there will be pics and video! Nearing the end of the adventure.

Here’s a parting video from one of the bars at Karon Beach! Mind you, this is just at the bar… not the disco >:-) These chicks love to dance!