Day Seven: We wake up very early this morning. We are going on an expedition to Phi Phi Island. This Island has been used in a couple of movies and is considered to have one of the top 10 beaches in the entire world. We eat breakfast and wait on our driver to arrive to take us to another part of the island.

KB, NEIM & NickKB, NEIM & Nick

After being close to an hour late our driver arrives. We take off through the twists and turns of what are Phuket’s streets. Arriving at our destination there is probably another couple of hundred tourists waiting. We are grouped off in group orange. Little did we know we would have the best tour guide on the entire island. His name is Lucy. Yeah that’s right… Lucy. You have to see the video to see how much of an offbeat character he is. He is very entertaining.

KB and I decide to sit in the limited seating section of the speed boat which is located in the very front. We are joined by 3 Germans, 2 Australians, and a couple from London. We immediately become acquainted with them and have a great time in conversation all the way to the first island.

During the journey we get some great wide shots of the island and we kneel on the seats as to allow the wind to hit our face. It felt great. Once we arrived at the first island, we got a chance to marvel as to how beautiful nature really is. SEE PICTURES.

The rest of the trip consisted of snorkeling, swimming and me laid out on the beach sleep face first in the sand. I was tired.

Once back to Phuket we for some reason ran out straight to the beach. We were out there for about half an hour and changed clothes. After that, Nick had to go for a fitting for his suit and KB and I stopped at the local pool hall to use the internet connection. This is where Noi and Oy worked.

These chicks whole purpose on the island was to get us to buy as many drinks as possible for us and themselves. The internet connection was horrible at best. We didn’t get much done even except for getting drunk. Nick eventually joined us and this is where we met our little buddy Marlon.

Marlon is a 16 year old kid from New Zealand by way of Holland. We had seen him around the hotel a few times but we had never really spoken to either him or his mom. We talked a bit and became friends.

It was now getting late and we were growing drowsy. On the way back to the hotel we got a drunken idea to mess with some Lady Boys for shyts and giggles. After trying to coral every motorcyclist on the beach it seems to get our kicks, we finally landed one. This monstrosity slowed up and for some reason had a hard on for me. He stopped and said in this hideous voice, “I suck you. Make you cum. Only 300 baht baby!” The fellas were laughing, but it wasn’t at them, it was at me. Nick then asked how much for all 3 of us and was quickly met with a reply that we could all go at the same time. Sensing that a trick was to be made this Lady Boy parked its bike and started walking towards me. “I take you first and you can tell them how good I was.” I could take no more. I quickly ran across the street (literally) as Nick and KB were dying laughing. That was sick! Soon after, we decided to call it a night in preparation for our last one in Phuket the next day.