Day Three: What a night. The Thailand nightlife seen is crazy! I was told that this was the transvestite capital of the world. I would have to concur. Some of these shemales are painfully obvious, but quite a few are pretty good knock-offs of women.

KB, NEIM & NickKB, NEIM & Nick

Lets see, this day begins with the front desk ringing our room to let us know that we need to come down and make arrangements if we wanted to stay another night in the hotel. We said ok, but our drunkenness kept us sleep way past check out time. We then were kicked out, but very kindly kicked out. We spent the next couple hours downstairs in the lobby trying to figure out where we were going to stay. We ordered something from the bar so that could use the internet.

The uniforms of the hotel staff (of the ladies) were very nice. They wore long purple & fuchsia colored skirts down to the ankles with a slit that ran up to their mid thigh. The tops were like suit jackets, nothing special, but the slits in the skirts made them look very sexy.

When they served us, they would kneel (both knees) and bow. The whole act just made you feel very comfortable. They were always smiling at you too.

We found a hotel a few blocks from our present location, so we hoofed it with our bags in tow to the spot. It was a decent hotel for only about 1,200 baht (about $35). KB & Nick were still tired from last night, but I was on a mission. I had to find those glasses plus I was starving. I walked down a few blocks with the music from my iPod making the whole thing seem unreal. “I’m in Bangkok on one of the busiest streets in all of Thailand half a world away from all I’ve ever known. Awesome” I thought to myself.

The weather was perfect. Everywhere you looked, the people were selling items. It went like this: street, cars, vendor’s booths, sidewalk (with walking vendors), and then the buildings with various businesses. I was once again smitten by the fascination of my damned hairstyle. I quickly bought a pair of the first Top Gun looking sunglasses I could find. Perfect. For some reason, it was a hell of a lot easier walking down the street now that I knew they could not see my eyes.

To foreigners, everywhere you walk they try to offer you a cab or a ride on a “Took-Took.” A took-took is like a half motorcycle half rickshaw. Watch the movie Ong-Bok if you really want a good feel for it (Or see the picture page). I am also asked to buy all sorts of items from necklaces & crazy looking jewelry to little wooden frogs (I bought 1).

I finally decide to sit down and eat outside at this little Thai restaurant. Its good food and its cheap. Most dishes were around 100 to 200 baht. That’s 3-6 USD. I ordered some mixture of chicken & vegetables with a plate of some kind of crabs with orange juice for like 480 baht (around $14). That meal would have easily cost me $40+ dollars in the US.

While eating, this very beautiful seductress sat next to me and kept me company. Her ultimate goal was to get me to hang out with her and her girls so that I would eventually end up paying for their time and/or sex. I tell you, these Bangkok women have game. Good thing I did a little research on the internet before the trip and knew what the gig was.

After the meal I went back up to the hotel, showered and started writing the first part of this blog. I laid down for a bit before we all headed out for the night around 1:00am. We stopped at a pool hall and had a few drinks. Then one of the girls told us of a spot that was poppin all night.

We got there around 2:30am. The place is called Spice. It was underneath this hotel and it was jumpin! They played mostly if not all American Hip-hop. I can’t recall seeing any cheap well-liquors. I was drinking Grand Marne, Remy, Jager and a slew of all kinds of shyt! I wasn’t feelin that f***ed up though. I think. I left KB & Nick at the club close to 6 in the morning and headed back to the hotel. The rest of this story is Vegas.