Day Two: Now we boarded the Thai Plane around 4:30pm Japan time which is around 2:30am Houston. BTW, it was Tuesday afternoon! Our flight to Bangkok, Thailand was a 6 hour flight. Unlike the Continental, flying coach in Thai Airlines is like flying 1st class in the states minus the close seating. First we were givin a snack. Some assortment of god knows what kind of trail mix. It was different, but overall tasty. Imagine having Sushi trail mix. The refreshments came next. Get this… OPEN BAR w/virtually no limit. What’s the Thai word for hit me again?

KB, NEIM & NickKB, NEIM & Nick

When it was time for our meal, me and my Japanese buddy sittin next to me had a good buzz goin; although he was only drinking beer… wimp. I was having an assortment of drinks myself. We had a choice at dinner time between pork and salmon. I don’t eat pork (except the occasional bacon crave). The Salmon was curried though. I guess that is an acquired taste. It came with 2 different kinds of noodles, a very good shrimp salad, roll, steamed rice, fruit, orange juice & some kind of coffee cake (I think) that was absolutely divine.

During the meal, servers came by offering either red or white wine. I had to keep the buzz goin. Next there was an offer of Green Tea, English Tea, or Coffee for the end of the meal. I decided against because I saw that there was also an offer of cognac coming up. I love cognac! After the Cognac and being that we were 40,000 feet in the sky, I was categorically drunk. Nice. Needless to say, I slept the rest of the way. I hope the 2 guys to the left didn’t have to take a piss ;-) .

We arrive at a very colorful looking Airport. There are all kinds of paintings and statues which give it a very artsy vibe. Once through customs I say to the fellas, “We are in fucking Thailand!”

Thai people are used to seeing tourists, but they were not ready for what I had in store for them. Hell, I wasn’t ready for the reaction myself. My Mohawk was garnering all sorts of attention; way more than from the states. I kinda felt what it was like to be a celebrity. All eyes were on me. Old eyes, young eyes, it didn’t matter. To my chagrin they were all marveling on how neat it was and were smiling and giving approval in Thai and with thumbs up.

We needed to get to our hotel. It was close to 11:00 pm Bangkok time (11:00am Houston). That’s 24 hours of travel time. As nice and kind as the people are in Bangkok, they are some hustlers too. There was a taxi/limousine service inside the airport, but we opted to go with the girls who were snapping their cameras away at my braided doo. What a set up, lol.

The girls tempted you outside, just to lure you into a taxi… er mini-van that took us to the airport (We have video coming soon of this exploit). It was cool until we found out we overpaid. Ah well.

Once at the hotel we really observed the relentless kindness of the Thai people. I mean damn, they were making Americans look like down right Assholes! Don’t want tips, bowing all over the place and just plain respectful of other human beings.

We got to the room, freshened up, and were out the door by around 1:00am. Let this mark the day that Pony Boy was born. When we stepped outside dressed in mere T-shirts and jeans/shorts we were garnering all sorts of attention. I’ll try to say this as modest as I can… my Mohawk had these Thai people sick! I couldn’t walk 5-10 feet (literally) without people smiling, pointing, wanting to touch, or asking me how much or how long did it take. I was soon overwhelmed by the attention. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like all of the attention, but it was a bit much. Gonna try and get some video of the reaction on Wednesday though to show you what I am talking about. Nick started calling me Pony Boy. We were getting free beers and all of the ladies attention out of it, so it was cool. This little girl even gave me a rose. How sweet. I felt like Buddha himself if you know what I mean.

The rest of the night consisted of a lot of partying and drinking until and after the sun literally came up. Insert montage here. I’m getting some shades for tomorrow. I now know why celebrities always don the glasses. Its hard to ignore people when everyone you look at is making eye contact with you.