What the crap is a Twetch?

The question of the ages… “What is Twetches?” In short Twetches stands for “Twitter Sketches.”

Twetches.com is a community based site that showcases the funny, weird, strange and just plain odd Tweets you find on Twitter in a hand drawn sketch format.

There are moments in everyday life that are just plain AWKWARD! I mean you might walk in on your parents “looking for the remote” in the sheets or it might feel as if there is a breeze in your office when in reality you didn’t wear pants to work. Whatever the case may be, people Tweet about anything and more times than not it is awkward. Some people don’t realize that what they write can be seen by the world through the inter-webs. Other people don’t give a crap and want you to see how bizarre they are. Twetches.com thrives off of these people to Tweet about things that are so crazy that they just might end up becoming a Twetch. Check out these delightfully random Tweets:

@brandius I hate nature. How is it possible that flowers are $2,000? I punched the florist.

@baffled Turns out the dog has epilepsy….that should be an interesting challenge…

@robcorddry Lots of face masks at the airport today. I’m coughing a lot near them. It’s a smile…

@Muzzlewump OK… all my doctors that follow… is it possible to be constipated and have diarrhea at the same time? Like a constirhea?

Twetches.com believes that creativity begins away from the computer. How many times have you had an idea and jotted it down on a scrap piece of paper i.e. a napkin? (It was probably a napkin at a bar wasn’t it? You are such a drunk.) A Twetch is exact same thing. When looking through Tweets on Twitter more often than not you come across a few that stand out in a visual way. When reading these Tweets they paint a picture in your head. Take this image from your head and sketch it out on some paper. Have you done it yet? If you have, you just created your own Twetch.

Twetches.com encourages you to be a part of their community. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or even if you are good at sketching.

So get out a pencil/pen/marker and some paper, shake off the creative rust and start Twetching.

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