EADO – I get a text on Friday afternoon from one of my favorite people: “Want to come help on east side? Wear dirty clothes and catch a ride if so, lol…but sort of fun just need help. Jamming out”

That’s Jules in all of her texting charm. Weeks earlier she alerted me of a major project in the midst. The uber talented Stephanie Gonzalez approached her about decking out some super bad-ass panels for the A-loft hotel in… Saigon?? Holy Sheet!

Fast forward to present day (mid June) after all of the logistics and shipping situations etc. have been figured out I find these ladies hard at work. I’m inspired by these two women because they both dedicate themselves to their passion full-time. I love it. So of course I was ready to come help… and document the occasion… because that’s what I do. :-p

I am very fortunate to get to see the process of turning ordinary inanimate objects into works of art. I will go to this hotel in Vietnam one day with a sense of pride for these two ladies. Veterans to their artistic craft. Keep it up girls, only two more months to go! lol


Stephanie Gonzalez


Some Dude & Jules


Transparency of Saigon


Vinucci “Master of the Painting Stick”


Wood for framing


Julie on Friday the 13th no less


The uber talented painter Stephanie Gonzalez



Jules Sawing

Master of the Circular Saw


Lisa Marie on prime duty