This little blurb is about women and facial/chest/pubic hair.  (If you are reading this and it pertains to you please do something about it.)

Recently I was somewhere and I found myself in a conversation with a woman who needed a shave a little more than I did. As she kept sputtering off at the mouth I couldn’t focus on what she was saying because I couldn’t stop staring at her prickly stubbles of hair that adorned her maxilla. I was thinking to myself, “Now I know she looked in the mirror this morning.” I understand its hard being a woman and keeping your appearance up is a daily chore, but if you managed to put on make-up & fix your hair then maybe you had time to wax that baby goatee.

I also understand that some women take hormones and steroids for health reasons such as endometriosis that may cause irregular hair growth. Some women are also just naturally a little hairier than others. I get all of that. What I really want to know is WHY do women, knowing they are going to interact with people, not wax/shave that ish off. Physically you’re not going to hurt anybody, but its just unsightly for a girl.

Furthermore, are your girls telling you, “Um… hey Sally… er… you have a fcuking 5 o’clock shadow.”  I know I’ve never said anything. I wanted to, but I felt it’d be rude. Now I’m thinking that if her girls aren’t telling her than someone needs to. Everyone in the room is acting like they are oblivious to it. Its the proverbial elephant in the room for sure.

The purpose of this blurb is to reach out to the community and start some kind of hair removal awareness. The next time you see a girl with facial hair tell her, “If you don’t want me to stare, remove the hair.” or “I think you got something on your chin.”  If you are harmed in this process via slap or hot coffee in the face then remember you are doing it for the greater good.

The same goes for chest hair. I used to know this girl that looked like her chest was a refuge for troll dolls. She would wear low cut tops like she was trying to catch a Wookie or something. No more Scotch on the rocks for you babe.

Finally pubic hair. I was once told that I would receive a much better blow job if I shaved my ish. I admit… I had a grassy knoll going on down there. I’m not opposed to chicks having pubic hair now, but at least keep it trimmed. Don’t have your shyt looking like moose ass, because it might start smelling like moose ass.

So that’s it… Lets start off by sending a simple text message to your hairy friend, lover, sister or mother and lets end this.