HOUSTON, TX – A few months ago I had the pleasure of getting to hear the musical selections of Erika Payán Zanetti aka DJ EPZ at the Project Row Houses in 3rd Ward at the “Wards in Color Show” From that moment on we became friends via Facebook. I was fortunate enough to see hear her again at a Transported and Renewed T+R event recently. After a couple of more run-ins with her and her wonderful hubby Renato we became real friends.

Erika’s music is a collection of vinyls she has collected from many parts of the world. A lot of brown areas she would say. The selection is mostly Latin and Afrobeat. Its a fusion of percussion and vocal styles with a ritmo (rhythm) that will always get you moving!  So when I decided to have a Halloween party (The Omen) she was one of the first people I asked to play music.

In addition to popping up on the scene from time to time EPZ hosts a “World Music Show” on Rice University’s KTRU.org every Thursday from 5 to 7pm. I highly suggest that you tune in. I’m sure you will like what you hear and I guarantee that you will hear good music that you’ve never heard before.

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World Music Show from Neiman Catley on Vimeo.